Vida Cruz

Vida Cruz is a Filipina fantasy and science fiction writer, editor, artist, tarot reader, and conrunner. Her short fiction and essays have been published or are forthcoming from The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fantasy Magazine, Strange Horizons, PodCastle, Expanded Horizons, and various anthologies. Her work has been nominated, longlisted, and recommended for the Ignyte Award, the Hugo Award, the British Science Fiction Award, and the James Tiptree Jr. (now Otherwise) Award. She is the author of a self-published fantasy short story collection, “Beyond the Line of Trees” and her next collection, “Song of the Mango and Other New Myths,” will be out from Ateneo Press in September 2022. Currently, she’s a freelance book editor with The Darling Axe and is co-director of BonFiyah under the larger umbrella of FIYAHCON, a BIPOC-centered convention for science fiction and fantasy readers and writers.

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Vida Cruz

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