Covid-19 Policy

As we transition back to in-person events, we here at SFWA not only have a responsibility, but we sincerely endeavor to make all of our spaces as safe, as inclusive, and as welcoming as possible. The SFWA board of directors and events team have been working together on a Covid-19 policy as we make a return to our annual in-person 2023 Nebula Conference. This includes monitoring the current pandemic situation and advice given by the CDC and medical professionals, our peer conferences and conventions, and other relevant factors. Our aim with the following policy is to protect everyone as much as possible, including our attendees, volunteers, staff, and those working in hotel hospitality.

Should the situation evolve, SFWA reserves the right to make changes to this policy to further mitigate the risk of spreading disease. 

Vaccination Requirements

If you will be joining us at the in-person 2023 Nebula Conference, attendees must attest to being fully vaccinated in their registration for the event. This includes all applicable, initial doses of approved vaccines and all boosters that may be available in their appropriate age-groups. We understand that some countries or areas may not have the most recent available booster, or the most recent available booster may not be available to your specific age group as of yet.

You may need to provide additional proof of your initial vaccination(s) (and any applicable boosters that may be upon the documents) upon arrival to the conference, so please keep your proof of vaccination card (or applicable documents if traveling internationally) available, and please ensure it matches both your registration name and government-issued ID. 

Updated: 2/28/2023
We realize that there may be some people who fall outside the current vaccine requirements, due to guidance given by their personal, certified medical professionals, who are unable to receive vaccination due to potential or proven allergic reactions. We will evaluate those potential attendees in this situation on a case-by-case basis. We ask that you do not purchase a registration until you have been cleared to do so from SFWA.

You must also in your correspondence agree that you will be attending the in-person Nebula Conference at your own risk. That should you contract Covid or any other communicable disease, you hold SFWA harmless.

Masking Policy

In all of SFWA inside spaces (including, but not limited to: lobby/registration areas, panel rooms, hospitality suites, photography room, receptions, our book depot, autographing areas, the 2023 Nebula banquet and awards show, etc.) we ask that all attendees wear appropriately-fitting masks. Proper usage of masks includes the full coverage of the nose and mouth. Masks may be removed for brief intervals during eating or hydrating, but must be appropriately put into place once those actions are complete. 

In situations where SFWA events are held outside in open-air areas, masks will be optional. 

Updated 4/24/2023: In addition, masking for our panelists/speakers will be optional if mutually agreed. In the instances where one or more panelists ask to mask for the duration of their panel, all other panelists must mask as well.

SFWA is looking at additional measures (including additional microphone and surface cleaning procedures between each panel, and mitigating distance of the head table from the first row of attendees.) 

SFWA reserves the right to change this policy as new information is made available. 

Other Recommendations

Limiting physical touch and maintaining appropriate distance can also help protect those in the community that are most at risk from not only Covid-19 but other communicable diseases. SFWA recommends that you use hand sanitizer after any contact, where available, but especially after handshakes. It’s always a good idea to ask the person with whom you are connecting what exactly they may be comfortable with and how they’d like to reconnect. 

Remember, consent is key in all situations.

Should you have any concerns or questions about this or any SFWA policy for our in-person, online, or hybrid-events, please do not hesitate to send all queries to

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