Nicolas Guérin

Spiritfarer’s Creative director, Nicolas Guérin is also credited as Lead Designer and Lead Writer on the game.
A true passion project, Spiritfarer allowed him to finally take the creative liberties and methods only a nimble and dedicated studio such as Thunder Lotus made possible.

Before his enthusiastic leap to the Indie scene, he assumed various key design roles throughout his decades-old career in the video game industry, working on AAA franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, and Skate for Electronic Arts and Ubisoft.
To him, games have a duty to mean something, have a purpose, and show heart, soul, and ambition.
Father, husband, and proud cat lover, Nick has spent a lifetime fulfilling quests in many different types of digital or physical media, but still sees tabletop RPGs as the pinnacle of interactive entertainment.


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