Christiane Knight

Christiane Knight [she/they] is an artist, musician, writer, and author of the contemporary fantasy series Stories of the Eleriannan. A former club and FM radio DJ, Xiane’s love of dark subculture and music infuses their work. They write hopeful, magical stories often set in the Fae infused version of their already quirky hometown, Baltimore MD. She is a lifelong enthusiast of faerie, folktales, forests and fauna, especially combined in copious amounts with all-black clothing and some Joy Division or Bauhaus playing in the headphones.

Christiane Knight

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Making It: What Handcrafts Can Teach Us About Writing

June 9, 2024 9:00 am to 10:00 am

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Many writers practice some kind of hand-craft, from fiber arts to woodworking to metalsmithing and numerous others. The panelists will share what lessons translate from creating physical objects to telling stories (and perhaps vice-versa!) as well as other benefits a craft hobby can provide to writers.

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