Anna Kashina

Anna Kashina is an award-winning author of adventure fantasy, featuring multicultural settings, swordplay, assassins, and elements of romance. She is best known for her Spirits of the Ancient Sands and Majat Code series, as well as the official novelization of Lacrimosa of Dana, a bestselling adventure game by Nihon Falcom Co.

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Virtual Reality and SFF Story-Sharing: The Meeting of Imagination and High-Tech

May 14, 2023 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

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Virtual reality is set to explode onto the gaming scene as is the conventional media industry in general. Writing science fiction often entails a vivid mental vision of characters engaged in a moving, very real, all-enveloping environment. So, how will this meeting of the imagination and high-tech living dreamscapes happen? Will novels step up from book, e-book, audiobook, to VR book? How can authors get their hands on (hands in!) VR products and the tech industry’s vision of the future might enlighten us all as to what to expect in our writing lifetime?

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