Amber Morrell

Amber Morrell writes whimsical fantasy and science fiction for children and adults. Her work explores the liminal spaces between science and magic. In her free time, she plays D&D, watches Star Trek, and makes TikTok videos about esoteric knowledge. Amber hails from Southern California. Her debut novel, The Alchemy of Letting Go, is forthcoming from Albert Whitman in 2023.

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Growing up Magical: How Magic Can Be Used To Explore Identity in MG and YA

May 21, 2022 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

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Magic is often an important part of fantasy worlds, but magic can also play a pivotal part in the character development of those people who encounter it. In MG and YA fantasy, where character arcs often represent characters coming into their own, magic can be a useful tool to explore aspects of each characters’ identities and to help them along on their character arcs. In this panel, debut MG and YA authors discuss the role of magic in a young protagonist’s character arc, how they have intertwined their world’s magic in with their character’s journeys, and how other writers can do the same.