Michael Capobianco

Michael Capobianco is co-author, with William Barton, of the controversial hardcore sf books Iris (Doubleday, Bantam, reprinted by Avon Eos), Alpha Centauri (Avon), Fellow Traveler (Bantam), and White Light (Avon Eos), as well as short fiction and articles on planetology and the exploration of the solar system. He has published two solo science fiction novels, Burster (Bantam) and Purlieu (Placeholder Press), which is his first venture into young adult territory. Capobianco was President of SFWA from 1996-1998 and again in 2007-2008. He currently serves as SFWA’s Authors Coalition Commissioner, Chair of SFWA’s Contracts Committee, and Co-chair of SFWA’s Legal Affairs and Estates-Legacy Committees.