Pam Punzalan

Pam Punzalan wears many hats: writer, game designer, editor, authenticity reader, cultural consultant, and community builder. She builds tabletop and fictional worlds that speak her truths as a queer, Filipino woman. Her work in all these spheres has been nominated for awards.Prior to entering the professional sphere, she was the founder of Play Without Apology (a Filipino collective for queer people and women), and organizer of Session Zero Online under Gamers & Gaming Meets Philippines. At present, she is an administrator of Asians Represent, an active member of the Diana Wynn Jones Awards Committee, and a core member of Big Bad Con’s PoC Programming Committee.

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Editing Games

May 13, 2023 10:30 am to 11:30 am

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Writing for videogames, RPGs, and boardgames draws on some of the same skillset as writing fiction, but it can also include technical writing, specialized types of dialogue, and more. So what does it mean to _edit_ this kind of text? What techniques do editors use to ensure that the text of a game is clear, vivid, and effective?

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