Kagan Tumer

Kagan Tumer is a science fiction author and professor of Robotics and AI. He attended seven schools and lived in five cities in four countries, all before reaching high school. The constant upheaval taught him two things: observe the world and the people in it because you need to understand them, but don’t get too attached to any place or anyone because neither will be there next year.

Turns out, that’s pretty good training for a writer.

Along the way, he designed robot coordination algorithms for NASA, but when it finally dawned on him that NASA wasn’t going to send hundreds of robots to Mars so he can play with them, he decided to create his own reality in Science Fiction.

After a decade in the San Francisco Bay Area, he now lives in the Pacific Northwest. When not writing, he ponders AI ethics, teaches AI, and mentors future scientists.

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The Rise of AI and the Impact on Writers

May 14, 2023 10:30 am to 11:30 am

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Panelists: Anna Ziegelhof, S.B. Divya, Tom Taulli and Kagan Tumer (moderator)

This panel will include discussions of AI tools—how they are developed, presented, and advanced—and how they could, should, or should not change the writing industry.

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