Aline-Mwezi Niyonsenga

Aline-Mwezi Niyonsenga is allergic to place. She writes about migrant experiences with the help of a tornado auntie, lion goddess, boy stuck in reflections, the occasional ghost, dragon rights activists, etc. Her work has most recently been published in GigaNotoSaurus, Augur Magazine, Fantasy Magazine, and FIYAH Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction. It has also appeared in anthologies such as Africa Risen and super / natural: art and fiction for the future. You can find links to her works on her website:

Aline-Mwezi Niyonsenga

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The Use of Speculative Allegory and Metaphor for SFF

June 8, 2024 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

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SFF has a long history of using fantastical allegories and metaphors to talk about contemporary issues. From transformation stories that mirror the trans experience, to fantasy racism, what are the benefits and pitfalls of the use of allegory? Where do authors land on subtlety vs being on the nose?
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