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  • Will the panels be recorded?
    • Yes, and they will be available through April 2022 for all registered attendees.
  • Registration
    • Registration for the SFWA Nebula Conference online is $125.00. Buying a registration not only gives you entry to the conference taking place from June 4 to June 6, but will also give you year-round access to all our other events as well through April 30, 2022.
    • If you are a SFWA member right now, you can register here:
    • If you are not a SFWA member, please use this link:
  • Scholarships
    • In an effort to improve SFWA’s outreach and expand the accessibility of our events, the 2021 Nebula Conference offered a number of scholarships for prospective attendees from underserved communities. These scholarships awarded applicants a free 2021 Nebula Conference ticket.
    • Scholarship applications are now closed with the exception of the Scholarship for Black Writers. Please see below for more information.
    • Scholarship for Black Writers: A part of SFWA’s #BlackLivesMatter Initiative, this scholarship is open to Black writers in the U.S. and abroad. To learn more about this initiative, visit this release on the website. This scholarship is awarded outside of the lottery system and will be available until June 6, 2021. Any interested applicants should send an email to
  • What do I need to attend the SFWA Nebula Conference Online?
    • Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet: You will need a device that is capable of connecting to the internet. You can watch panels directly from To take part in our social activities, your device will need to be able to access Zoom, a teleconferencing application, to participate in much of the activities we will be offering throughout the weekend.
    • Webcam (Optional): If you would like to be seen while participating in any of the room parties or breakout rooms that allow participant cameras, you will need to connect or enable your webcam to do so.
    • Internal/External microphone (Optional): In order to participate via voice in any social events, you will need an internal/external microphone enabled within your device. Alternately, the chat text function will be enabled, should you not wish to use a microphone.
    • Speakers/headphones (Optional): We recommend the usage of headphones to hear panels, pre-recorded content, participate in any video conferencing, and to cut down on any echoing or feedback. Speakers will also work well in instances where you will not be speaking, but listening to a presentation/panel etc. Additionally, we will be closed-captioning our content for attendees.
  • How to get help with technical problems?
    • From the Nebulas 2021 Slack: enter your inquiry in the #askforhelp channel
    • If you are unable to log in or access the Slack, send an email to Or, while logged in, view instructions using the blue “Request Help” button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. It looks like this:
blue rounded button that reads "REQUEST HELP"
  • What is an online room party?
    • An online party is a way to interact with other conference attendees in an informal way using breakout rooms to limit the number of people in a conversation to a manageable number and allowing the individual participants to move from conversation to conversation.
  • What are Office Hours?
    • Office hours allow for one-on-one or small group conversations with an expert who can answer questions about a specified topic. These are meant to be short, informal interactions.
  • How can SFWA members apply for COVID-19 relief?
    • The SFWA Board has allocated funds for a COVID-19 relief effort. This initiative helps SFWA members who are struggling to afford necessary expenses due to lost revenue from COVID-19 illness or related restrictions. This receipt-based grant allows members to apply for up to $1,000 of emergency funding to cover the cost of essential needs, such as housing and food, due to lost income from the pandemic. To apply visit: 
  • Travel and Lodging
    • Don’t! Please ensconce in situ!
  • Restaurant Guide
    • Pantry, refrigerator, and delivery!
  • Banquet
    • Here are some of our favorite recipes from Ad Astra, the official SFWA cookbook! You can purchase your own copy here: (All sales go to benefit the SFWA Legal Fund.)
      1. Appetizers
        Salmon puffs (Julie Czerneda)
        Momos (Jay Lake)
        Seared peaches with prosciutto and basil (Rebecca Gomez Farrell)
      2. Soup/Salad
        Lentil soup (Russ Galen)
        Sonoran chopped salad (Catherine Wells)
      3. Entrees
        Champagne chicken (Vonda N. McIntyre)
        Boozy beef (Joe & Gay Haldeman)
        Kicharee (Food of the Gods) (Jeffe Kennedy)
      4. Desserts
        Falling cloud cake (Fran Wilde & Miriam Weinberg)
        Teatime tassies (Mary Robinette Kowal)
        Schadenfreude Pie (John Scalzi)
  • Dress code
    • Formal evening attire. (technically, pajamas are evening wear)
  • Alternate Universe Speeches
    • The Nebula Conference is an opportunity to celebrate all of the finalists.  After the main ceremony, all finalists have a chance to give their acceptance speeches that fell through the time warp from the universe in which they got to go home with the Nebula trophy.

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