Thanks for joining us on this leg of our voyage aboard the Airship Nebula. This document is intended to help answer questions about how to find your way around the event and make the most of your experience this weekend. Use the menu below to learn more about each module.



  • Find information about SFWA’s event staff and policies.


  • The answers to commonly asked questions.


  • The public access page with information on how and where to watch this year’s Nebula Award Ceremony.


Links to the SFWA main website, store website, and Nebula history website, as well as the schedule and terms of service.


While logged in, a blue help button appears at the bottom of the screen. Tap it to find instructions on how to get help with a technical issue or report an incident that violates our policies.


All of our paneling this year will be taking place on the third party website, Airmeet. You will need to enter into the Airmeet space via a link on the website. If it is your first time accessing Airmeet, you will be prompted to create another login to enter the event. Once inside, you will be able to choose the panels which interest you.


A note on etiquette: It gets hard to have a conversation if there’s more than six people at a table so try to circulate to keep the numbers balanced.

If you elect to use your camera, please try to keep your mouth visible while talking. It helps attendees who lip read. 

People have mentioned feeling awkward leaving a conversation online because we’re used to using video conferencing for structured meetings. Shift to thinking about being at a party, where you can wander freely. Try one of these options:

  1. Say “I’m going to circulate” or “I’m heading to the potted plant.”
  2. Just leave and don’t announce it.
  3. Mention it in the chat window, instead of with your voice.

The 2022 Nebula Conference, via the Airmeet conference program should be treated like all SFWA spaces and is subject to the harassment policy. To report an incident:

  • There will be a dedicated social table where SFWA Conference admins, and staff will be seated within Airmeet to report a problem.
  • If you are unable to log in or access the Slack, send an email to

In addition, while in the conference spaces:

  • Do not take screenshots without permission.
  • Do not record without permission.


The Nebula Conference employs a number of policies to guide behavior of our staff and guests, and to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone aboard the Airship. If at any point you encounter a violation of these policies or are made to feel unsafe during your time with us, you may notify your moderators in Slack, Flight Crew in the Hopkinson Suite, or email to have the issue addressed.

Harassment Policy

Accessibility Policy

Moderation Policy

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